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It’s exactly like WhatsApp but 1000x better because it has all the features you wish it had. Level up your WhatsApp game by switching to the improved version: FM WhatsApp!

Why Should I Get FM WhatsApp?

Have you ever wished for more control over your messaging privacy, such as disguising your ‘read’ status or adjusting your ‘Last Seen’ timestamp? Do you need an extra layer of security to protect your chats, even when others know your phone password? Discover FM WhatsApp – the perfect solution for advanced privacy and enhanced messaging features.

Hide Online Status

You want to reply to someone but you’re trying to not appear ‘Online’ to someone else? FM WhatsApp is the solution.

Custom Themes, Fonts, and Colors

We’ve got 4000+ themes as well as a fully customizable interface

Schedule Messages

Type a response and schedule your messages at a later time, because not everything needs to happen now!

Lock Your Whatsapp!

Now you can feel more secure when someone is looking through your phone!

And so much more ...

Send Up To 90 High Resolution Images Ever wonder how you can share high quality images without WhatsApp compressing them? It’s only possible with FM WhatsApp!

Send Video Files Up To 700 MB Need to share heavy 4k videos but WhatsApp makes it look like they’re taken with a potato? Send original uncompressed video using FM WhatsApp!

Anti-Delete Message Talking to someone but they deleted it? Or did you miss it and curious to see what it was? Now you can! Same goes for ‘Disappearing’ messages!

Broadcast Up to 1024 Contacts All at Once! Official WhatsApp only lets you broadcast up to 256 people. That’s not enough for a business! Let FM WhatsApp help you save precious time.

Change App Icon Ever wish you can change up your icon to something else? Now you can! Change your FM WhatsApp icon according to your own aesthetic!

Stickers Collection Tired of sending the same stickers? Want to be THAT person where all the good stickers come from? Look no further than FM WhatsApp for the latest and funniest stickers.

Hide Typing & Recording Action Text Don’t want them to think you’re overthinking your response by typing too long? Keep it cool by making them think you’re indifferent by hiding the ‘typing...’ action!

Invisibly See and Download Other People’s Stories Want to look at someone’s WhatsApp stories but you don’t want them to feel like you’re always stalking them? Fm WhatsApp has your back.

Freeze Your ‘Last Seen’ Don’t want to look like you’re ignoring someone but you’re too busy to respond to them immediately? Support your alibi by freezing your ‘Last Seen’ status!

More Emoji Variants Such as Stock, Facebook, Emoji One V3, Android O, and many more. There’s never enough emojis to express yourself!

Open “View Once” Images & Videos Unlimited Times Didn’t see it properly the first time? We all know that these images are always worth keeping! Your friends will never know you’ve kept it!

Auto-Reply and Schedule Messages Are you that friend who always responds 4-weeks later? Maintain healthy relationships by responding only when you feel like it! No more pressure!

FM Whatsapp vs Normal Whatsapp Comparison Chart


FM WhatsApp


Hide Online Status
Airplane Mode
Status Download

Add Custom Fonts/Stickers

Media Sharing
200 MB Max
15 MB Max
‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode

Freeze Last Seen

Disable ‘Forwarded’ Tag
Disable / Customize Calling
Anti-Delete Status / Message
Security Lock
Fully Customizable
Auto Reply
Increase Forward Limit
250 Max
10 Max
Increase Image Share Limit
100 Max
30 Max

What People Are Saying

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100% safe and secure than other MODs

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp is the official app by Meta, available on Google Play Store. In contrast, FM WhatsApp is a modified version by Fouad Mokdad, not found on the Play Store. The real kicker? FM WhatsApp brings to the table additional features that the original WhatsApp lacks (which is A LOT), giving you features you’ve always wanted. Simple as that!

YES YOU CAN! You can have the official WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp on your phone at the same time and with the same number. WIN-WIN!

First, check your installed version against the one on our site. If they match, you’re all set. If yours is lower, it’s time to update. Before starting, backup your chats on FM WhatsApp if you want to keep them.

Next, hit the green Download button either here in .  Once downloaded, you’ll get a notification. Clicking it initiates the update installation process. Alternatively, you can start this process manually by finding the downloaded APK file in your download folder. There’s no need to remove the old version— just install the update, and you’re good to go!

Make sure you bookmark our website , because we always have the latest version!

How Do I Install FM WhatsApp?

Step 1   Download the latest FM WhatsApp APK from this website and save it on your phone (Android Only)

Step 2   Open your phone’s Settings menu, then activate the ‘Install Apps from Unknown Sources’ in the Security section. Make sure to check ‘Unknown Sources’ (Up to Android 7.1) or ‘Allow this source’ (Android 8.0 onwards)

Step 3   Open the FM WhatsApp APK file that you downloaded earlier, then click ‘Install’

Step 4   Once installed, open FM WhatsApp application and enter your phone number as usual! You’re all set!

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FM WhatsApp transforms your ordinary messaging app into a rich, personalized, and highly immersive experience, unmatched by any other mod on the market.

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